Am I too old to start yoga?

No-one is too old or young to begin practicing yoga. Regardless of your age, your body and mind will thank you as you start your yoga journey.

Am I too over-weight to practice yoga?

Not at all. The clever use of yoga equipment such as bolsters, chairs, ropes and blocks will help you find a comfortable way of doing each asana (pose). You will also find that regular practice of yoga can help you develop more muscle control and assist with toning and weight loss.

Can I practice yoga after an injury or surgery?

The answer is, that it depends but typically yes. Obviously, speak to your doctor but yoga can be done very gently and with the use of yoga props, a position can be achieved so you gain the benefits of the pose, without injury or stress to an injured part of your body.

Additionally, the “feel good” that comes from yoga has a huge benefit in healing and provides a positive mindset to assist on your journey back to good health.

How large are your yoga classes?

The yoga classes are individually done or are in small groups of 2 or 3 students of similar ability. The whole idea of small classes is to practice safely, learn yoga poses suitable for your level, and make your yoga journey a positive one.

Is yoga beneficial for someone with stress, mental health issues or depression?

Yes, yoga is ideal for those suffering from any form of mental illness or stress related issue. Yoga creates self awareness, gives you confidence, teaches calmness, gives you strength, flexibility and mobility, along with techniques on breathing and relaxing. The benefits from yoga are often described as both therapeutic and healing for many ailments. There is no downside to practicing yoga.

Is yoga helpful for women suffering from menopause?

As noted, above yoga has many benefits and for women approaching menopause, there are various asana’s (poses) that relieve the body of hot flushes and other symptoms women can experience as their body ages. In conjunction with practicing regular yoga, adjusting your diet to suit your body type (Read more on Dosha types), can assist with women experiencing menopausal side effects.