Various yoga students who have been taught by Shirani have left these messages about her teaching of yoga.

Thank you Shirani.  It was a pleasure to meet you and have the privilege of undertaking yoga classes with you.  Stay well and thank you once again.  [Tania].
I am so glad you have passed through my life, it has been wonderful learning the very special way you teach yoga.  Anyone who is lucky enough to come into contact with you will truely benefit from it.  Thank you Shirani.  [Katrina].

Shirani has been teaching me yoga since July 2017 where I do a one on one class each week with her.  
She has been taking me on a wonderful journey of understanding the depths of yoga.  
She is very encouraging and motivating.  Her teaching goes well beyond simply teaching the asana's.  It is a very holistic approach.
My practice has developed significantly since becoming one of her students.  Through yoga, I learnt to quieten down my competitive mindset. I used to have crunched feet, tight hips, inflexibility through my quads, hamstrings and hip flexors, weaknesses through my shoulders and abs and I was very pitta oriented (always felt over-heated).  
Over the months, my feet have flattened out, I have gaps between my toes now, and she has helped me completely eliminate menopausal issues through my asana practice. 
She also helped me to address reduced hip range due to hip displacsia from birth.  She has given me the confidence and understanding to use props and daily practice to overcome most of my hip imbalance.
I feel deeply grateful to have Shirani as my teacher.  She has given me the confidence to learn so much through my daily practice, has taught me to slow down and feel the benefits of each pose and has helped me understand the powers of pranyama.   [Helen].

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