What is Ayurvedic Cooking? It relates to learning to prepare specific types of food in a certain way in order to improve our health.

Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato dish)

In Ayurveda, much consideration has been given to how the food that we take into our bodies will be ultimately digested, (not just by filling our bellies), but how it can be digested and assimilated effectively. Also act in such a way as to eliminate toxins or Ama from our system, maintain our tissues (Dhatus) in the best possible state and give us physical, mental and emotional satisfaction and energy. Then, food can actually become a medicine.

How are we to achieve this?

  • By understanding our body type;
  • by understanding the elemental composition of foods and the impact of foods on our Doshas;
  • by understanding the state of our Agni and
  • by understanding how to effectively prepare our food.

Then, our Agni can best digest and transform our food, so we can derive the best absorption and utilisation of that food.

Paneer (homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach)

In our cooking sessions these steps are followed:

  • Preparation, mood, concentration and the application of one’s mind and spirit into the dish
  • The stages to which each item is cooked
  • The correct use of amounts and herb combinations
  • The consistency of the end product

If you are interested in understanding your body type, and learning how you can cook and eat to nurture your body, please contact Shirani using the contact form below.