The ancient science of healing now comes to Santhosa Yoga and Meditation Centre. Ayurveda is the science which helps to attain health and thereby increase lifespan.

This healing system was discovered by ancient sages or rishis who have studied the physiology of humans in great depth in their own time.

This treatment is centuries old and hasn’t changed since the time it began.

Derivation of the word Ayurveda:

The word Ayurveda is derived from two words “Ayu” and “Veda”. The word Ayu means ‘life’ and Veda means ‘knowledge’, hence Ayurveda is that which gives complete knowledge regarding life.

The science of life is called Ayurveda. It is worth the commitment to embark on this journey and understand the science of life from its roots.

It’s unique in this sense as the treatment is aligned with the universal laws of nature which are eternally true.

To get to the source so that whatever it is can be reached at the root level and treated from there onwards. It’s a holistic approach and a very slow and gradual process.


Om namami dhanwantarim adi devam
Surasurai vandita pada padmam
Loke jara ruk bhaya mrutyu nasham
Dhatarameesam vividaushadeenam
I bow my head in front of Lord Dhanwantari devoted by both devas and asuras,
capable of preventing old age, diseases, pain and death
and who is the supreme authority of all medicines.  

Ayurveda is the sister limb to Yoga. In reality they both go hand in hand.

Whilst Shirani has gained some of her qualifications from Kairali (Kerala -India). Her in-depth knowledge has been gained from the Australian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies- Brisbane Queensland.

She offers packages for most ailments to be treated within the centre. Like all things it takes time to heal some deep seated ailments. There needs to be a total commitment to changing some ways in order to allow the process of healing to take place.

Lower back treatment

There are a number of Ayurvedic treatments that can be done for ailments such as:

  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • General wellbeing
  • All doshic imbalances – the root cause of dis-ease

Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments on Offer:

full body
Full body massage with warm medicated oils including head massage
Abyanga with marma point treatmentFull body massage with warm medicated oils including head massage and marma points
Kati BastiProcedure for neck and lower back pain$100
Head and faceHead and face massage only$75
UdwartanamBody is massaged with churnam (fine dry herbal powder).
In obesity
Skin diseases like eczema
Podi KizhiBundles filled with herbal powder are rubbed onto the body with moderate pressure.
Recommended for:
Flabbiness of muscles
Kapha and vata disorders
Stiffness of joints
Shiro dharaWarm cold pressed black sesame oil and medicated oil suited to the client’s constitution.
Recommended for:
All neurological disorders
Netra DharaMedicated fluid is poured into the eyes in a continuous stream for a specific period of time.
Recommended for:
Fungal infections
Eye Strain
Marma therapyMarma therapy for specific parts of the body$75

These are only some of the major areas of treatment. After discussion with the client a whole package can be offered. Ayurveda is not a “wave a magic wand” system. Rather a very slow process that can get positive long term benefits and only with commitment from the client.

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